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Recreating Me

Stepping out into the world and
trying to make it better with my presence…
Holding doors, offering assistance and being aware of
~ each please and thank you ~
Remembering  to always be considerate of feelings,
actions and intentions.
Practicing abundant generosity!!
Seeking a kind heart and gentle spirit…
Looking outside of myself
and doing things for others.
Paying. It. Forward.
And still daring to dream and
learning to reach for the stars in my own sky.
Spreading my wings.
Trying to fly.

spread wings & fly

Raising my hands to the sun and twirling
without care for who is watching.
Throwing back my head and laughing
from deep within
enveloped in each second of momentous joy.
Smiling more and often and freely –
without self-conscious thoughts
and no concern about the way my teeth look.
Singing and dancing with wild abandon
whenever my body feels the need.
Staring up at the stars in awe
never losing that humbling sense of wonder…

Allowing myself to be vulnerable and small in this
vast, spacious world – so much larger than I will ever see –
open to whatever experience is before me.
Giving every part of who I am –
holding nothing back out of fear.
Being a positive light to banish the darkness –
being a star in someone else’s sky.
Loving fully… Loving completely!!
Selflessly loving – never expecting a thing.
And allowing myself to be loved
knowing I am worth someone’s time
their attention, their respect, their kindness.
Protecting the precious gift of their love
hoping they will do the same with mine..
Starting each day with
compassion and caring,
always remembering to clothe myself in grace.
Aspiring to have a pure and grateful heart…
unchanged by all the hate and pain
that has been heaped upon it.
Reading more books – stretching my mind –
with thoughts, ideas and debates.
Refusing to make *me* smaller
so that someone else may feel they have grown.
Seeing the truth in myself that will remain
undiminished even though it is *not*
always the same as the truth that resides in others…
Respecting the unique and amazing way
each person
each soul
is knit and constructed by
the circumstances, pain, and happiness in their life…
Taking time to honor them in their journey.
Praising my body, my limbs and joints and parts,
for carrying me through another day!
Respecting their hard work and
strengthening them, carefully …
always mindful of what is healthy,
being unembarrassed to admit
when I am unable and
asking for help if my body is weak…
Knowing I am wonderfully made and
weakness is no reason for shame.

Instead – rejoicing for I have the body of a survivor!
Being unafraid to embrace challenge
and learn from change.
Gazing out across deeper water
aware that I can only sink or swim
if I am willing to trust myself
and let go of the boat.
Understanding there is really no “failure”
except in not trying at all.
And acknowledging that they are not resolutions
merely due to time and convention,
but an honest attempt
at continuously
*recreating me*
into who
I am meant to be.


Random Thoughts and Conquering Fears

Well, 2015 is in full swing and things around here are finally getting back into a sort of rhythm… of the somewhat random variety.  We’ve been hermits for a couple of months while trying to get hubs back to full health, and although that is an ongoing journey we’re not going to give in to the negativity that keeps trying to weigh us down.  We’ll continue to keep a positive attitude that healing will come.  I put on my getting-down-to-business boots and mean to kick it in the butt if necessary; negativity breeds worry and fear, so they have no place in this house!  Most of my schtuff came to a screeching halt after his accident so it’s strange trying to find my feet in a schedule that has been completely upended… Tomorrow is my first work-related outing in quite a bit and I’m looking forward to getting out and getting the year moving along.  It should prove an interesting day since the Prez is making a state visit and will be in two of the exact areas I need to visit around the time I’ll be traveling there.  Hmm.  Having a couple of alternate routes will probably serve me well since I have NO idea what type of traffic control is planned to protect the motorcade.  That being said, it will be an even further jolt out of this weird schedule complacency if I can’t take my usual route… so I’m gonna choose to see it as an opportunity for adventure!

After being away from the blog for so long I’ve also been weighing the pros and cons of taking a different route here.  It was inevitable, I suppose, given the propensity to create resolutions in December and January.  I’ve decided that ultimately the format will likely stay the same, at least for now.  There are too many Pinterest projects to try my hand at and share on “Try It Out Tuesday”, so that will definitely remain in the mix.  I also enjoy starting conversations with people about ME/CFS and the trials and challenges of dealing with that, so whenever it’s comfortable revealing that raw and vulnerable side I will visit those topics and share.  Photography is also something that won’t be going anywhere… since that’s what I do.  haha!  The question for the new year is: How can I stick to the plan of writing each week, sharing what’s going on here to possibly inspire someone else, and be transparent and authentic about the struggle of life without abandoning the mission five or six months down the road?  Not sure.  Like any plan made at the start of a year, there’s always the possibility that those goals will drop off as the weeks go by…  Guess the best thing at this point is silence my doubts, give it my best, stay motivated and healthy, and keep the “To-Do” list in a prominent place so I have a visual reminder to make time to share the journey!

dream big fear quote

What are your plans for the year?  Do you have big dreams?  Perhaps a bottomless Goodreads list of books like me?  I’ve finished my first book of the year, but I don’t know if I’ll finish the other 49 I’ve promised myself.  Do you have a craft project sitting in a box somewhere that hasn’t been touched in a month (or longer) because you lost the motivation or heart?  Yep.  Ask hubby and he’ll tell you I have quite a few unfinished art projects waiting for me to complete.  Business plans?  New recipes to try?  Yes and yes!  My list is all over the place for 2015, it would seem… But that’s part of the beauty of it all!  There’s no purpose served by trying to set a limit to dreams.  Dreams should be big … and usually a little scary.  When something looks frightening it’s easy to put it off or give it up entirely – I get it!   When you do, however, it’s an injustice to your growth and potential.  Be fearless this year!  Go out and climb the proverbial mountain you’ve been meaning to climb.  Find something that will renew your passions and let it motivate you to achieve something amazing.  Maybe even something that scares ya a bit…

There is a seemingly endless supply of quotes about overcoming fear and many of them are inspirational and true.  I’m going to leave you with a couple of my favorites for you to think about as we move into the middle of the month.  There’s still plenty of time to get your 2015 ‘To-Do’ list ready, so my challenge to you (and for me!) is this:  Be fearless and make this year amazing!

web fear mind killer quote
Without My Net

Be fearless and brave in the new year!!