Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

I got excited about this challenge because I take a lot of photos with the sun as a feature…. Between the leaves of trees or buildings, through the petals of a flower, through cracked windows in abandoned buildings – there are many ways I’ve tried to capture the sun or sun rays in shots.  The problem with this challenge is that I waited until today to post it and today I’ve had horrible nerve pain all day long.  I didn’t get a chance to sort through some of my older shots (which contained better examples) and restricted my choices to about the last 5-6 months.  Even though I didn’t get a chance to pull out a couple of shots that I thought would be nice interpretations of this challenge, I did find some other captures.  Actually, I found quite a few.  So with no further rambling – here they are!  🙂


Roosevelt's four freedoms, 4 freedoms, freedom from fear, freedom of speech, east tennessee veterans memorial, world's fair park, knoxville tennessee, granite pillar memorial park, Franklin D. Roosevelt's freedoms
A side view of the granite pillar showing two of Roosevelt's four freedoms at the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial.



sunset over the river, norris dam state park, sunset over the mist on the water
Sunset and the evening mist over the river~



sunflare, sunflare across abandoned building, abandoned building, sunset over tin roof of abandoned building
Sun flare across the tin roof of an abandoned building...



golden sunset, orange and peach sunset, sun setting over the hills and river, sun setting over the river
Golden glow of sunset~



sunshine reflected in sunglasses, sun reflected in sunglasses, reflections in sunglasses
I've always called this one "I See the Light"... haha!



sun setting over the hills, sunset over the meadow, golden sun over the hills
Sun setting on a day in a country meadow...


I promise I’m almost finished!  🙂


sunshine over the river, sun reflected in water, sunshine reflected in river, sun shining over the lake
Blue skies & sunshine!


And finally – the only picture that I actually took this week.  Hubby wasn’t crazy about it, but for some reason I loved it.  It was such an eerie, strange sky – the photo has only been slightly sharpened and cropped.  It may look like it’s a b&w photo but it’s not!  That’s just how different the sky and lighting were at that time of day at that spot.


God's rays, God rays, sun shining through the gray clouds, sunshine and clouds, rays of sun shining through the clouds, monochrome sunset, faux monochrome sunset, black and white, b&w looking photo
Sun & clouds~



I hope you’ve enjoyed & thanks for stopping by!


As always, please remember that these images are my private property and not for public use or copying.  Thanks!  🙂


25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun”

  1. You’ve got some great shots there, a really nice variety. The images have an excellent clarity about them, i like it!

  2. What fantastic images! I specially love the last one through the clouds. Thank you so much for linking to my entry in this weeks photo challenge cause it let me find yours (which are magnificent)!

    1. Your photo was lovely and I was happy to link to it so that other people could find it as well as your other informative foodie posts! 🙂 Thank you for stopping back by and for the sweet compliment…

  3. Those are all beautiful! I love the way you captured the rays and the orbs that appeared within them. Now I feel inspired to learn how to capture the sun….

    1. Thank you so much, Trisha! Depending on what your photographing, it’s not difficult to capture sun flare in your shots. Just get out there and play around with it – you may be surprised at what you capture! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it great? It’s sitting out in the middle of a country road in front of a huge field. I wondered if it was an old homestead. Who knows!

      Thank you so much & thank you for stopping by!

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