raindrops on blade of grass macro photography
after the storms this afternoon~

a little rain must fall,
i know it’s true,
on me and you..
but what if we could stay
warm and dry…
would you want to try?

can you face the dark
on the blackest night?
will you be alright?
or does it quicken
that darkness, too,
that lives in you?
it brings a flood
of misery
back down on me —
the downpour never
seems to end
and we’re here again…
where you
make the easy choice
and i have no voice.
stripped bare
by your sharp neglect,
shouldn’t you protect?

the rain devours me
and you still crawl
was it worth the fall?
shame and stench
of your temptation
was it an obligation?
the tired cliché,
a storm has passed,
come clean at last…
pounded out
upon these stones
your fragile bones ~
broken but free
bring me light again
& end this salted rain.

~heather m. tolley

beaded raindrops on leaves of rosebush

This was one of those times that I started typing and the words just came out… I haven’t reread it so it might be really REALLY bad!  🙂  If that’s the case, please go easy on me in the comments, okay?  🙂

thanks for stopping by~


2 thoughts on “Raining”

  1. I love your photos…the droplets of water/dew are so wonderful and such a great capture by you! Your poem is great! Don’t worry. There are so many of us that can’t do what you do! Keep up the great writing! I like your blog, thanks for the visit to mine!

    1. That is so kind of you! Thanks, Judy, for stopping by and for the input on my photography and writing! I used to write poetry on a daily basis and since I’m extremely rusty I can’t ever tell if the new stuff has the rhythm and tone that I hear in my head. lol! It was a pleasure to stop by your blog and also to have you stop by mine! Hope you have a great week…

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