Southern Squirrels Love Their Biscuits!

Just wanted to share a shot I got the other day – it cracks me up.  🙂  Apparently when squirrels ‘Down South’ eat dinner they stick with a popular staple – biscuits!  He patiently chewed away while I tried to get a better angle, and didn’t feel threatened until I got a little too close.  Then, of course, he took his snack and made a run for it.  lol!


gray squirrel photo squirrel eating a biscuit
Got gravy? : )

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Happy Monday~



11 thoughts on “Southern Squirrels Love Their Biscuits!”

    1. lol! No, they really don’t! I was lucky to get this close. This one was about the most patient I’ve seen, but even he reached a breaking point when he was more concerned about the safety of his snack. lol! However, this shot has only been cropped to a standard size and resized to post… I didn’t have to crop into the shot at all and was pleased about that. 🙂

      1. In Berkeley, on the University campus…where I never went to school, there are squirrels that are so used to people that they take food out of their hands, but even they seem to know if you are paying them too much attention.

  1. Wonderful image! Being all the way over here in darkest Europe I don’t actually know what a Southern biscuit is/looks like (well, I do now!) so to me he appears to be tucking in to a miniature truncated French baguette 🙂
    (Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my hungry birds – it lead me to this great image!)

    1. You’re more than welcome – I was glad I stopped by! As far as biscuit go, this may or may not be an actual biscuit… it could just be some sort of dinner roll. I prefer to think he’s staying true to Southern food trends. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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