I really don’t have long – I’m supposed to be in bed getting rest before a long day tomorrow.  Before I went to dreamland I wanted to stop by and just share how appreciative and thankful I am tonight…

There have been quite a few rough patches since the new year started and it’s contributed to spending a lot of time in my head.  Caught up in my thoughts and frustrations and struggles.  Finding enough energy to try to puzzle out how to change things with little energy leftover for other things.  Today wasn’t the kind of day that left any time to be caught up in me.  It reminded me of how small I am and how little the frustrations really matter… most days.  Severe storms and tornadoes tore through several states today and mine was one of them.  We actually made two “better safe than sorry” trips to our basement during tornado warnings for our county.  One of our neighbors from one side of the street came over because half of our basement is underground and felt much safer to her than sitting in the middle of her own house.  Not long after a small family from behind us knocked on the door and asked if they could come in until the warnings had passed.  Right after they came in hail began to pour down, bouncing off the side of the house like gunshots.  It didn’t last long and although the wind was strong the storm blew over pretty quickly.  Lucky for us, other than getting a little wet and having to calm the dog we escaped unscathed.  So many others were not as fortunate.

It reminded me that storms can come unexpectedly, but they will always pass.  It reminded me that storms are scary at times, but a bit of prayer can go a long, long way.  It also reminded me that if you get too caught up in your own troubles you may forget to let other people in, and sometimes they might need you as much as you need them.  That was certainly true for us tonight.  Our neighbors needed a safer space to ride out a storm, but I needed them to put my struggles into perspective and help me to remember to be grateful for all of the wonderful things I do have.  I have a roof over my head while many people have lost their homes… I have my own bed to sleep in while many others are at emergency shelters… My family is safe, my power is on – these are gifts and blessings that I take for granted sometimes, but I won’t do that tonight.

Sometimes it takes a storm to blow the blinders from our eyes… and be thankful when the sun returns.  : )


sunset sundown color block image

Not totally related, but ever since I learned a way to make these ‘color block’ images I’ve become a little addicted to them.  : )

Hope tonight finds you safe and warm with the ones you love & blessings all around~



8 thoughts on “Storms”

    1. Thank so much, Trisha! We don’t have storms like that all the time, but our winter was unusually mild and so the spring storms are a little early this year. : )

    1. I know! It was kind of crazy! I should also probably mention that of all the storms and warnings we’ve had since living here, that was the first time anyone else asked to seek refuge with us. Hmm. It was like it was providence that they would end up in our basement on the very day I needed to stop fretting over small stuff. So neat how life works out that way. 🙂

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