Week of ‘That Was a First’ Moments

Wow!  There was a lot going on this week and quite a few firsts!  Very exciting and kinda taxing for those of us that are easily exhausted.  : )

Probably the most exciting aspect of my week was the fact that my husband and I got to spend Valentine’s Day together AND go out to dinner to celebrate!  That may not seem like much, but since hubby is a chef that translates into his work schedule being packed on just about any major holiday… For all the years that I’ve known him we have only been able to spend time together on February 14th two other times.  Once was last year when I had the flu and pneumonia – that was a blast! – and the other time I think I had an ear infection.  Sooooo – it was a big deal and a wonderful blessing to see him on the 14th!  For extra wow we upped the ‘special’ factor exponentially by not only spending sweetheart day together but by enjoying our first Valentine date…

blue heart conversation heart candy true love

Our date brings me to the second ‘first’ of the week!  We went to a wonderful local chef-owned and operated restaurant that we have wanted to try for quite some time (so going there was also a first), and we weren’t disappointed… RouxBarb was a fantastic setting for our special night and the food was amazing!  The chef brought us a little treat and talked ‘kitchen’ with my husband while we were waiting for our food, and it wasn’t anything as simple as a slice of bread or other filler.  He brought us a seared slice of foie gras on a sweet potato ‘funnel cake’.  Oh my!  If there was something more to the plate I missed it.  (Undoubtedly there was and my husband will correct me in the future if he should ever read this.)  Although I had heard many awe-filled and loving references to foie gras, I usually (silently) assumed that I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the next person.  My palate isn’t the most refined, but I do enjoy being fairly adventurous when it comes to food and have spent many unique ‘tasting’ experiences with my husband.  That being said, I’ve never been a fan of liver.  I’ve had pâté that was excellent and been interested in trying other dishes but never imagined I would love it…  I LOVED it!  The dish was perfectly executed and it was a rich, creamy, wonderful delight!  So good, in fact, that after I ate the last tidbit hubby left me, I went back and scraped my fork across the plate to ensure we hadn’t missed a crumb.  (I feel like I’ve confessed a shameful secret by admitting that, but it’s true!  lol)

YAY!  Three wonderful firsts and we’re still not finished!  This week also included – reaching 50 ‘likes’ on the Finding Focus Facebook page & more than 60 followers on Twitter.  Small numbers, I know, but they were exciting for me.  : )   And finally – I attempted my first Pinterest recipe!  And it featured spaghetti squash… which I had never made AND never eaten… (what is that?  3 firsts in one?)  It turned out fantastic!  I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to eat healthier or incorporate more veggies into their diet.  Check out the ‘spicy spaghetti squash’ recipe here, if you’re interested!

spicy spaghetti squash recipe
Not the best pic, but hubby was hungry so I had to be quick! : )

There were several times this week that I got to say, “That was a first!”  Considering how exhausted and hurty I’ve been recently it was certainly a nice change of pace.  Reaching these milestones was also a great way to get motivated to look for the next ‘first’.  I’ll let ya know when I find it!  : )

be mine blue heart candy conversation heart photo

Thanks for stopping by – hope your upcoming week is full of excitement and accomplishment!


5 thoughts on “Week of ‘That Was a First’ Moments”

    1. I love firsts, too! : ) Having a chef as a husband is awesome… when he’s actually home to cook. lol! He left an executive chef position at a B&B to work as a food services director and it’s enabled him to be home more, so that has certainly helped. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Katie! Always good to ‘hear’ from you. 🙂

  1. Hi-
    Love these photos! Would it be possible to use one of them on a card? (with your permission) Getting married on Valentines day and think they would be perfect for the e-card I am making to invite my bridesmaids!

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