Visit to a Zoo & Animal Rescue!

Well, I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly photo challenges lately and need to get back to it!  I have, however, still been taking photos each day… So I thought I’d post a couple from our visit to a local zoo/animal rescue yesterday.  It had been a while since I felt like getting out and doing much of anything, but hubby had a day off and was a little tired of sitting around the house.  : )  We decided to take advantage of the bright sunshine and decent temperature and spent a couple of hours enjoying the animals (and sidestepping mud puddles).
zebra photo black and white zebra pattern
I love the unique patterns of zebras!

My family actually used to have two pot belly pigs as pets… lol!  Seriously!  They were actually very smart, clean and loving, and had the funniest personalities.  : )  It was a nice surprise to find out that they had a pot belly pig in the same field as the zebras.


pot belly pig grazing
Pot belly pig comes down the hill for dinner.


zonkey photograph
I had never seen a "zonkey", but Little Ponderosa had two we were able to feed and pet.


monkey holding his cage with foot
I believe this is "George". He was so cute! And apparently he loves to have his feet rubbed and rubs and grooms the handlers in return. 🙂


Most of the animals will eat out of your hand.  You can get a bucket of food when you come through the entrance barn and then share it with goats, llamas, zonkeys and camels.  Let me offer some words of warning, though… The camels will eat anything.  Anything.  So if you let them get a hold of your food bucket you better be ready to snatch it back, as Bobby discovered.  lol!

feeding the camel
Bobby made a lot of friends by sharing some feed, but the camels thought all we had belonged to them. lol!


This last photo is one of my favorites of the day!  There are two levels of fencing separating the tigers from the visitors (hubby didn’t think that was quite enough).  : )   I didn’t think I would be able to get a decent photo of them, but since they’re so beautiful that I had to try.  Surprise!  There were quite a few that turned out okay, but this is one of the shots I thought was the best.

tiger photo as he stares into the distance
The tigers were just beautiful - I was so happy I got a few good photos of them!



We’re going to try to go back early in the spring – a couple of the wallabies already have babies in their pouches and should be coming out by then!  If we do, I’ll be sure to come back and post some more photos to share!

Have a great weekend!



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