Remedies from Mom

For the last day or two I haven’t felt completely healthy.  It started with a headache that was fairly insistent and quite painful…  My throat has been sore in that raspy way that burns in the back and feels like if I talk too much I might start coughing and may not stop.  Big thumbs down!

The good news is that I’m used to feeling bad and still managing, on most days, to function.  : )  The bad news – I’ve been struggling with my CFS and fibromyalgia since Christmas and had a few days that were .  There were even a couple of days that I didn’t even make it to the shower.  (You don’t have to pass that on if you don’t want to!  I’d hate for people to think I’m nasty!  lol!)  my hubby felt bad for a few days before I did so I probably DID pick up a bug from him…. And while he is actually feeling better just days later, my immune system isn’t as robust as his so it usually takes me quite a bit longer to get rid of something once I get sick.

I’ve decided that I’m going to simply refuse to get sick.  (Does that ever work?)  With that in mind, I decided to soothe my throat with a common ‘home remedy‘ that my mom used to make me when I was younger.  Of course I had to get my camera out – when don’t I?  By just looking at the first two photos would you have known what it was?  Scroll slowly if you’d like to guess because I’m going to post full photos at the end – I just feel too blah to work any harder on subterfuge or trickery.  : )

flowering green tea leaves
Any ideas?


glass teapot condensation close-up macro photograph


I know it probably looks like a seaweed science experiment, but I promise it’s much simpler (and effective) than that!


flowering green tea leaves in glass teapot
It's flowering green tea!


I can remember my mom giving me hot tea with honey to soothe a sore throat.  If I feel one coming on it’s one of the first things I make and it always brings some relief.  It was a little short-lived tonight, but it DID feel good going down.  Thanks mom!


cup of green tea with honey
Very soothing but I think I'm going to have to make some more!


Hope each of you have started the new year feeling good and that you stay healthy!



4 thoughts on “Remedies from Mom”

    1. ha! You’re not alone, I’m sure. I know quite a few people that can’t drink tea, particularly if it’s hot. I was that way about coffee (*gasp*) for a long time. : ) Thanks for the well wishes – I’m still kinda under the weather but I’m hanging in there!

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