Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

Didn’t quite sneak this one in since it’s technically the same day the new challenge will go up, but I’ve been struggling to find inspiration.  I’ve let all the ‘stuff’ in life keep me from doing much in the way of celebration for the last week or so and that translated into not taking photos for this topic.  Soooo – I decided to go back to the archives and see what I could dig up.  : )


piano keyboard, music, musical, recital
Celebration of music...


fountain, children, water, summer fun
Celebrating the end of summer ...


fountain, playing in water, summer
Celebrating the end of summer #2~


christmas tree lights, christmas decorations
Symbols of seasonal celebrations...


Hope you enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration”

    1. Thanks Katie! That particular fountain is great fun! Hubby and I had pictures taken standing in the middle of it under an umbrella. : ) My photos were when a group of kids were running through it from one side to the other. : )

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