“Lucky, Actually” That I Found Another Blog to Follow

You may have read the Facebook post from the front page of WordPress – and if you haven’t, you should!  It’s really funny.  : )

Someone shared it with me and I ended up on a blog that I should have been following anyway.  Mary also struggles with several health issues – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia (like me), Lyme Disease and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.  Her blog is honest and simply stated and she’s fun to read.  As an example – in the post she put up today she talks about her lactose intolerant dog…  : )

Anywho – all of this is to say that she has a post that really resonated with me.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving she writes about how she was able to find blessings in the midst of a year of health related nightmares.  If you have a minute, suffer from chronic pain, have any of these conditions or just want a little inspirational reading you should check it out!  The post is: Lucky, Actually.  (Which, on an unrelated topic is a great title in my opinion, since I immediately associate it with one of my favorite movies – Love Actually!)


Thanks, Mary.  Thanks for being a voice for others to hear.  As I told someone just yesterday, it’s always nice to know that you’re not alone…


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