Weekly Photo Challenge: Family (late edition!)

I had every intention of using this as the photo post for last week.   After all, that was the timeframe for the challenge!  With everything going on I didn’t even realize I forgot to post something until Saturday or Sunday.  Oops!  : )
A few words about the two pictures I chose – I have an unusually extended family that I’m close to and having/taking a photo to represent that isn’t something that would be easy for me to do.  Since I AM close to my family I really wanted to showcase that in this challenge, but for various reasons it wasn’t possible.  So I chose two other representations of it instead.  Hope you enjoy!

Australian Kelpie dog
My husband and dog, Cocoa, are at the core of what family means to me...


donkey or mule and mother
I loved the tufts of fluff at the tops of this young donkey's ears! He was so cute as he snuggled up to his mother.




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