Resolve Workshop – A Day of Growth!

resolve workshop notebook
My nifty new notebook from Day of Resolve: the Workshop, full of all kinds of tidbits & knowledge! (and homework! lol)

Today was a full and educational day!  A couple of weeks ago I discovered that photographer and friend Shannon Kelley was holding a drawing for one scholarship to her mentoring ‘class’ – Day of Resolve: the Workshop.  Her one on one mentorship program had been going on for a while, but how was I to know at the time I wouldn’t be able to find job after the lay-off and that I would have to start considering a new direction for life?  By the time I realized that I might actually be unemployed indefinitely and starting down a new path, there was no money in our budget for a mentoring day.  Oy vey!

What’s a girl to do, you might ask… Well, for starters I left a comment on Shannon’s blog as an entry in the drawing for that prized workshop scholarship.  And guess what?  I WON!  So, today I got to sit in a room with a group of lovely, creative-minded women interested in taking the next step to reach their dreams!  We were all at different places in our journey and we each had different backgrounds and insights, but it was wonderful being around such helpful and supportive people.

As for Shannon – I don’t even know where to begin… My husband and I contacted her a couple of years ago to discuss the possibility of having her come into the crazy circus of our lives to take pictures for our engagement and at our wedding.  She did an AH-MAZING job and was SO talented and easy to work with!  I’ve learned many things in our conversations and I’m pleased to call her my friend… Being able to pick her brain and listen to her words of wisdom today was a fantastic opportunity, and all of the tips and information I got will only serve to make me a better photographer, business woman and person.  🙂

Unfortunately (for those of us around here), Shannon, her husband Brad and their daughter Lena will be leaving to move to Haiti next month to begin a new life in the missions field.  (Please read some of her mission blogs!  One of my favorites here, another here… They are honest and raw and unforgiving – in an extremely fantastic way!) Their move is actually a wonderful thing, however, because it is where God has led them.  Her positive attitude and blog have always been so inspiring to me… Can’t wait to see how the inspiration level bumped up a notch (or several!) when she reaches the place her heart has been leading her to!

Sooooooooo – school is out for the day.  I’ve enjoyed a fantastic dinner – an everything bagel, cream cheese and lox!  I’ve still got batteries to charge, memory card to check and a little homework to do before the hubby comes home, so I’m going to run.  Hopefully I’ll have great info to post again tomorrow after our workshop photo shoot (!!!), so ta-ta ’til then!

December sunset - Finding Focus
A quick shot of the evening sky when I got home tonight. Beautiful colors filled the sky!

One last thought – I’ve just realized that I never posted my weekly photo challenge post last week!  Even though it will be late, I’ll try to get that up by Monday at the latest.  : )


6 thoughts on “Resolve Workshop – A Day of Growth!”

  1. Contrats on winning the contest!! Good for you. And for having your photo make the front page of etsy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. Margie

    1. No need to thank me for commenting on your blog – I really enjoyed your photo and haiku! In fact, it reminded me that I haven’t written a haiku in quite some time… 🙂 I will also thank you for stopping by and commenting! Always such a plus to have feedback and comments from others.

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