My Photo Made the Front Page of Etsy!

This may seem like I’m patting myself on the back, but it’s difficult to contain my excitement and so I must share the news.  In order to quit talking about it to my husband repeatedly or spamming my Facebook family, I thought I’d post a quick blog and try to get it out of my system…  Ready?


Whew!  I feel a little better now…

For those of you are not familiar with the site, Etsy is a social ‘market’ website focused on buying/selling handmade and vintage items along with art and craft supplies.  One of the nifty and unique features of Etsy is the option to view and create “Treasury” lists.  A treasury is like the front window of a store – it’s a gallery of items for sale that a site member has picked out and placed together in a grouping.  These curated lists are on a part of the website that can then be searched and viewed by others.  Most treasuries contain 12-16 different items and consist of 3-4 rows of pictures that list the seller and link back to that item’s page to view and (hopefully) purchase.  Creating treasury lists is a great way to keep track of groups of items you’re interested in, helping to promote other businesses and meet and network with people.  I happen to love creating them and enjoy viewing other the treasuries of others.

Sorry for all the detail!  I just wanted to provide a bit of background so it would make more sense when I tell you that Etsy uses treasury lists to provide the bulk of the landing page of the website.  It’s changed throughout the day to feature different treasuries and lists each seller/price/brief item description below the pictures and credits the creator of the treasury.  Here’s a screen shot of the current Etsy front page:

Etsy front page...

I set up a small ‘shop‘ on Etsy a couple about a month and a half (2 months?) ago and offer a variety of artistic photographs.  Since Christmas is coming up I recently added a few pictures that were holiday related.  A couple of days ago someone included one of my photos in their Christmas treasury and it was chosen to be on the front page!  So, long story not at all short, one of my photos was ‘treasured’ and then featured on the front page of the website!  It was thrilling to discover!  I never thought one of my listings would be included in a front page group and I’ve already chatted with quite a few sellers that have waited for years to receive that honor.  Wow!  (I should probably add at this point that unfortunately I didn’t get to actually SEE my photo on the front page because I wasn’t online during the timeframe it was there or I would share a screen shot with you.  Doesn’t it figure that I would be honored like that and miss it completely?  *sigh*  Still – other people saw it and I got a lot of extra traffic in the shop, so it’s still SO exciting!)

My Etsy listing that made the front page.  Note the emblem in the thumbnail on the right side of the screen shot letting everyone know it was featured on the front page.  lol!  I couldn't help it...
Well, enough about me… How are you?  lol!  Hopefully blogging about this has helped me put it (slightly) behind me and I’ll be able to quit talking about it soon.  In the meantime – you should definitely check out Etsy if you haven’t already!  There are so many amazing handmade and vintage items that would make perfect holiday gifts…  And if you see someone’s listing has a little note that says “This Item was Featured on the Front Page of Etsy”, please understand that they probably had to put that on the listing in an effort to try to diffuse their excitement a little so they’d stop driving people crazy by talking about it everywhere else!



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