Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Beautiful rainbow down the road from my house...
My husband is an essential part of my life... (Snorkeling is great too!) 🙂
Mom's cookies! Mmmmm....
The beach (this is the Gulf of Mexico) is a refuge for me.
All good stuff!


Figuring out what “comfort” meant to me was pretty difficult – I had trouble narrowing down the options.  🙂  The rainbow is symbolic of my true source of comfort, but I couldn’t leave it at that!  I had to add my husband, mom’s cookies, THE BEACH!  There were several contenders for this challenge… The last pic is (obviously) a group of things: grilled cheese sandwiches, warm & comfy socks, books – lots of ’em! – ’cause they’re one of my favorite “escapes”, and all the seasons of the Friends tv series.  (No matter what kinda mood I’m in, there is always at least one episode that will cheer me up!)  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort”

  1. i like your ideas on comfort. the rainbow reminds me of my wedding day. it started beautiful but near the end, storm clouds came in and it rained a little. out of nowhere, a rainbow appeared. my friend, chris, told me the next day that he looked at his son and said, ” that is God’s sign of Promise.” it was also God’s sign to me that my marriage to my best friend was His Promise to me..

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